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Every week there are new advances in the broad fields of robotics. It is important to stay informed. The links on this page will provide some pointers to sources of information. You can plug a number of these sites into an news reader so that you can stay informed. (For more information on RSS feeds check out this link.) For alternatives to Google Reader cNET has some suggestions. You might also try Flipboard on your mobile device.


TED Talks and Others   up

  1. TED Talks - How to live with robots: 10 talk playlist
  2. TED Talks - Why we will rely on robots: Rodney Brooks
  3. TED Talks - Four lessons about being human: Ken Goldberg
  4. TED Talks - Power of quadcopters: Raffaello D'Andrea
  5. TED Talks - The future of medicine: 10 talk playlist
  6. TED Talks - Tech breakthrough: 14 talk playlist

  7. How Stuff Works robot videos links
  8. NASA Robots
  9. Robot dreams
  10. Coolest robot videos -
  11. The Year in Robotics: 2013 - from IEEE Spectrum
  12. Robot videos from 2010 - from 2008 - from 2006 - from IEEE Spectrum



  1. cNet
  2. Engadget
  3. IEEE Spectrum
  4. New Product News - from Robotics Online
  5. Robot Dreams
  6. Robotics News - from
  7. Robotics Trends
  8. Robot News Archive - from NASA
  9. Robotshop



Robot Magazine

  1. Make Magazine - projects for you to build
  2. NewScientist
  3. Popular Mechanics
  4. Popular Science
  5. Robot Magazine - recommended for articles, links, and advertising (which gives insight into trends)
  6. The Robot Report
  7. Science Daily
  8. Scientific American
  9. Servo Magazine



  1. Robotics Conferences: calendar - from the International Federation of Robotics
  2. Robotics Online: Events - Dates and locations vary



  1. Automaton - IEEE Spectrum
  2. Bot Thoughts
  3. The Brothers Brick - LEGO blog
  4. GoRobotics - RobotShop
  5. MPS NXT Universe - LEGO blog
  6. The NXT Step (German version) - LEGO blog
  7. Ro bot - Gizmodo
  9. Robotica recreativa y educativa - in Spanish - Google Translate
  10. Aula robotica - in Spanish - Google Translate

  11. VEX Forum
  12. ROBOT.NET - has both a blog and a forum that might interest LEGO and VEX advocates using ROBOTC
  13. Robots Podcast - from Switzerland biweekly podcasts (also available on iTunes)
  14. Trossen Robotics blog


Stewart Savard (eLibrarian) and Randy Grey (Career Coordinator)



Created by Stewart Savard SD#71 (Comox Valley) April 2009. Updated March 2016.

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These links connect you to a wealth of teacher resources.

Here are a few links to some of our friends in Robotic Clubs on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Washington State and around the world:


Interested in studying Robotics. These links may help you to find local, national and international opportunities to explore your interests.