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Some sites are worth remembering, but hard to categorize. We've captured them here. These links will take you to some fun, books, misc. links, and a few commercial links your might choose to use. Hopefully, this mix of links will help you to stay informed.


FUN  up

There should always be some time for a bit of fun. Check out these links:

  1. Build a balloon powered nanorover - from NASA
  2. Build a physics machine - from NASA
  3. How do we talk to machines? - from NASA
  4. Soda Constructor

  5. My life as a Teenage Robot -
  6. Robot's Road Trip -
  7. Incredibots - from GrubbyGames

  8. Command a Robot - from the Tech Museum
  9. Simple Machines Game - from Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago, USA)
  10. Canadarm 2 Simulator - Canadian Space Agency
  11. Virtual Robotics Lab - Illinois State University, USA

  12. LEGO Mechanic Game - recommended - from LEGO
  13. LEGO Pull Back Racers - from LEGO

  14. Scratch - use scratch to design your own games and activities - from MIT



  1. Robot Programmer's Bonanza and other books - from the St. Louis Public Library
  2. Robotics - from
  3. Advanced Robotics Book by Anthony Nesmith and Sarah Heilig - from
  4. Learning Computing with Robots, edited by Deepak Kumar (PDF format)


Science Fiction writers often explore the places where humans and technology meet. These stories, some written or performed years ago, have helped shape our views on where robots and technology. Enjoy!

  1. Tales of Future Past - by David Szondy
  2. Several favorite stories I'd recommend
  3. Library books - check both your school and public library for these books
  4. Robot Films and Characters
  5. Audio stories with a Robot or Science Fiction theme:



  1. Cool robots - from NASA - dated, but still interesting
  2. Amorphic robot works - building robots from scratch and as art
  3. Famous replicas of TV and Movie robots - okay, they're copies, but still cool
  4. Robot Cafe - with links to many sites and topics
  5. Robot Dreams - from Japan
  6. Robotique - with links to many other sites
  7. The 50 Best Robots Ever - from WIRED magazine



  1. iDesign Solutions - Canada
  2. The - Canada
  3. Spectrum Educational - Canada
  4. VEX Robotics - Canada and USA

  5. BCRobotics - Nanaimo
  6. Marginally Clever - Vancouver
  7. Robotsinsearch - Canada

  8. Arexx Engineering - Netherlands
  9. Carl's Electronics - USA
  10. The EE Compendiums - USA
  11. Generation ROBOT - France
  12. Innovati - Taiwan
  13. Jameco's Robot Store - USA
  14. Parallax - USA
  15. The Robot Marketplace - USA
  16. Trossen Robotics - USA



  1. iRobot (also Rodney Brooks page at MIT)
  2. Home Robots - from the RobotShop
  3. KA Lawnbot - from Kyodo
  4. Neato - from Neato Robotics
  5. Robomow - from Friendly Robotics


Stewart Savard (eLibrarian) and Randy Grey (Career Coordinator)



 Created by Stewart Savard SD#71 (Comox Valley) October 2009. Updated September 2014.

 Careers link      

These links connect you to a wealth of teacher resources.

Here are a few links to some of our friends in Robotic Clubs on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Washington State and around the world:


Interested in studying Robotics. These links may help you to find local, national and international opportunities to explore your interests.