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The links in this section attempt to answer basic questions such as: "What are robots?", "What are some of the different kinds of robots?" and "Who makes robots?"

These information links can be used to start to answer these questions:

  1. Robot - from NASA
  2. Definitions robot and robotics - from the Oxford Online Dictionary
  3. A basic robotics glossary - Idaho Public Television
  4. Robotics glossary - from the

  5. What are robots? - from Idaho Public Television
  6. Basic components of a robot - Science Channel
  7. Robots - from
  8. The basics - from
  9. The history of robots - 5 page pdf - Canadian Space Agency
  10. Robotics "feature page" - from the CBC

  11. What is a robot - from the Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, California
  12. How do robots work? - from
  13. The robot story - by Mary Bellis at
  14. The history of robotics - from
  15. How robots work - from
  16. How the Mars rover works - from
  17. Robots in the future - 45 min. video - from YouTube



Now that you have built a base of knowledge, the links below can help turn that beginning into the kinds of knowledge that disciplined experts develop. Enjoy your exploration.

  1. Robot timeline - from the CBC
  2. Timeline of Robots - from
  3. Robotics engineering glossary - Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy (has a VEX and Robot C emphasis)
  4. Robot Glossary of terms - from RobotWorx

  5. The history and workings of robots - from
  6. An introduction to robotics - from the Canadian Space Agency
  7. Introduction to robots - from Galileo at University of Calgary, Alberta
  8. New Scientist: Introduction to Robots - from New Scientist magazine
  9. Mechatronics - Wikipedia
  10. History of robots - 47 page pdf by Codrin Pasca, University of Ottawa

  11. Canadarm $5 bill

  12. The Canadarm - Canadian Space Agency
  13. The Canadarm - the Canadian Encyclopedia
  14. Canadarm and Simple Machines - from

  15. 20 things you didn't know about robots - from Discover magazine April 2007
  16. A visual history of robots - from
  17. "Robots Made Real - Through Innovation" - by Jane Irene kelly
  18. eGFI newsletter - stands for: Engineering - Go for it!
  19. "Robotics: The Next Phase of Humanity" -



These video links may help to build your base of knowledge by showing you a wide collection of robots.

  1. TED Talks - How to live with robots: 10 talk playlist
  2. TED Talks - Why we will rely on robots: Rodney Brooks
  3. TED Talks - Four lessons about being human: Ken Goldberg
  4. TED Talks - Power of quadcopters: Raffaello D'Andrea
  5. TED Talks - The future of medicine: 10 talk playlist
  6. TED Talks - Tech breakthrough: 14 talk playlist

  7. How Stuff Works robot videos links
  8. NASA Robots
  9. Robot dreams
  10. Coolest robot videos -
  11. The Year in Robotics: 2013 - from IEEE Spectrum
  12. Robot videos from 2010 - from 2008 - from 2006 - from IEEE Spectrum


Additional links are welcome. Send us your suggestions.


Stewart Savard (eLibrarian) and Randy Grey (Career Coordinator)


Created by Stewart Savard SD#71 (Comox Valley) April 2009. Updated September 2014.

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These links connect you to a wealth of teacher resources.

Here are a few links to some of our friends in Robotic Clubs on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Washington State and around the world:


Interested in studying Robotics. These links may help you to find local, national and international opportunities to explore your interests.