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The base of knowledge about Robots and Robotics is constantly changing.

These links, when combined with the resources on the other pages on this site, provide a possible path to follow and branch out from. You can move from having a base suitable for the most modern high school courses to 'sitting in' on graduate level university courses from MIT.

  1. High School Curriculum - Carnegie Mellon University
  2. VEX 2.0 Curriculum - Carnegie Mellon
  3. High School STEM approaches - REC Foundation

You can use ideas from the links above, and classroom instruction, to challenge and earn Pre-Engineering and Robotics Certification.

  1. Certification - Robotics Education & Competition Foundation


Build on what you've learned above and check out some more advanced options:

  1. MIT engineering courses - audit, for free, the courses from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. ArsDigita University curriculum - from ADU
  3. Robotics courses - from IEEE Robotics & Automation Society
  4. Robotics Primer Workbook - Maja Mataric, University of Southern California
  5. Learning Computing with Robots by Deepak Kumar
  6. Apple's iTunes University has many free engineering lectures - requires iTunes download



Many students will start their post-secondary training in BC or at another Canadian institution. These links, which need help from you, to stay current, will provide you with a sense of what others are doing and whether their school interests you. Links include:

  1. CanAssist - our heroes - from the University of Victoria
  2. Inuktun - Nanaimo BC
  3. Mechatronics and Robotics - British Columbia Institute of Technology
  4. Mechatronics Systems - Simon Fraser University
  5. Seamor - Nanaimo
  6. Tsera - Victoria, B.C.

  7. Robotics Laboratory - Laval University
  8. Centre for Intelligent Machines - McGill University
  9. Mechatronics and Robotic Systems Laboratory - UOIT
  10. Autonomous Systems Biomechatronics Lab - University of Toronto
  11. Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering - University of Waterloo


Robotics are taking off around the world. With the Internet you can drop in anywhere to see what different universities and organizations are doing. An entry into this field does not need to cost a fortune. You can get started in a garage or workshop at home. The key is having current information. These sites are just a small sampling of what is going on around the world. Check them out to see what other doors they open:

  1. Top Engineering Programs 2012-2013 - Times Educational Supplement
  2. Universities with Robotics programs
  3. Robotics India
  4. Robotics in Japan
  5. Europe: Active, COCORO, EFAA, EMICAB are a few projects identified by EURON

  6. BRICS - Best Practices In the development of Complex Robotics - Europe
  7. Center for Distributed Robotics at University of Minnesota, USA
  8. FESTO -
  9. IRIS - Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems in Switzerland
  10. Personal Robots Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  11. Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  12. Stanford Robotics - California, USA
  13. Tufts University - Boston, USA
  14. Kaspar - University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
  15. National University of Singapore: CISR - Singapore
  16. Seoul National University - Korea
  17. Robot Land (theme park) - Korea


This is a mix of links, as always, we'd welcome more, which might be of interest to you. Let us know your thoughts.

  1. What robots do 'after hours' - link above with a holiday theme - from
  2. Robot videos - from
  3. Ten interesting video clips - August 2014 - IEEE Spectrum
  4. Videos - mainly industrial - from RobotWorx
  5. Robot examples - several hundred examples


The resources on this page are a start. Your help and suggestions would be very welcome and would make this a better site.

Stewart Savard (eLibrarian) and Randy Grey (Career Coordinator)


Created by Stewart Savard SD#71 (Comox Valley) April 2009. Updated March 2016.

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These links connect you to a wealth of teacher resources.

Here are a few links to some of our friends in Robotic Clubs on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Washington State and around the world:


Interested in studying Robotics. These links may help you to find local, national and international opportunities to explore your interests.