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Here are a few links to the growing number of school-based Robotics Clubs in BC. While we compete regularly with each other, we also share ideas and resources. That is a special part of what robotics is all about.



Does your school, or community, have a club? Send us the link so that we can build a stronger community.

  1. G. P. Vanier Robotics Club (Courtenay, BC)
  2. NIDES VEX 7842 (on Facebook)
  3. Cambie Secondary School (Richmond, BC)
  4. DTRobotics (Vancouver, BC)
  5. Enver Creek (Surrey) - scroll down for club info
  6. Eric Hamber (Vancouver) - scroll down to "VEX Robotics"
  7. Gearbots
  8. Gladstone Robotics VEX 2012 World Championship Alliance (Vancouver, BC)
  9. LegoStormers (Victoria, B.C.)
  10. McMath Secondary - Richmond (scroll down page to team link)
  11. Pacific Youth Robotics Society: PYRS (B.C.)
  12. Science World (Vancouver)
  13. Shawnigan Lake (Duncan)
  14. Vancouver School Board Robotics (Vancouver, B.C.)

  15. Exothermic Robotics Club (Redmond, Washington)
  16. Lake Washington Robotics Club (Washington State)
  17. VEX TEAM 359 (Hawaii)
  18. Friends of Hawaii Robotics

  19. Team 3560: 2014 VEX Winning Alliance (Brampton, Ontario)
  20. Team 610 - The Coyotes: 2013 FRC Winning Alliance (Toronto, Ontario)
  21. Free Range Robotics - VEX team 2921: 2010 VEX World Champion (Paremoremo, New Zealand)
  22. Green Egg Robotics: 2011, and 2009 VEX World Champion (Oakham, Massachusetts, USA)
  23. K-Force Robotics - VEX Team 2901a: 2010 VEX World Champion (Auckland, New Zealand)
  24. Lynfield College Robotics: 2013 VEX World Champion Alliance (New Zealand)
  25. Nighthawks Robotics Club: 2012 VEX World Champion Alliance (Murrieta Valley, California)
  26. Texas Torque - 2013 FRC Winning Alliance (Mississauga, Ontario)
  27. Theory6: 2013 FRC Winning Alliance (Mississauga, Ontario)




Are you from outside BC? Send us a link to your Robotics club. We'll be pleased to include a link to your school or community.

  1. BC First LEGO League - youth (BC, Canada)
  2. First LEGO League - Canada - youth
  3. First LEGO League - International - youth

  4. Robot Clubs from around the world
  5. Vancouver LEGO Club - adult club (BC, Canada)
  6. Vancouver Robotics Club (BC, Canada)
  7. VicLUG - adult club (from Victoria, BC, Canada)
  8. Seattle Robotics Society (Washington State, USA)

  9. Arise - University of Ottawa club
  10. Ottawa Robotics - adult club (Ottawa, Ontario)
  11. Robotics Club of Alberta - Sabre
  12. Western Canadian Robotics Society - adult club (Calgary, Alberta)

Your contributions and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to contact us through the email links below.

Stewart Savard (eLibrarian) and Randy Grey (Career Coordinator)


  Created by Stewart Savard SD#71 (Comox Valley) July 2010. Updated March 2016.

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These links connect you to a wealth of teacher resources.

Here are a few links to some of our friends in Robotic Clubs on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Washington State and around the world:


Interested in studying Robotics. These links may help you to find local, national and international opportunities to explore your interests.